Tan Brown Granite,

Transform Your Space with Tan Brown Granite from Raj Hans Tiles Pvt Ltd: Your Premier Supplier in India

Rajhans Tiles Pvt Ltd is one of the top-notch tan brown granite manufacturers in India.Tan Brown Granite, also known as Indian brown granite, is our top selling product. It is sourced from the quarries of Telangana region, renowned for its aesthetic ability and durability.


Tan Brown Graniteshows a rich brown colour with undertone of grey, black, and reddish-brown freckles, creating a stunning visual and unique pattern throughout the stone. It adds elegance and character to every space because of its distinctive appearance, enhancing the overall look.

Strength and sturdiness

Tan Brown Granite is ideal for both interior and exterior applications, due to its zero water absorption properties and exceptional durability. The sturdy nature of tan brown granite ensures long-lasting performance and suitable for both high traffic and environmental areas prone to wear and tear.


It is widely used across home and commercial applications:

  • As counter tops in kitchen and bathroom.
  • It can be used in rooms floors to make it look fancier and more sophisticated.
  • In bathroom and dressing vanity, it can give a luxurious appearance enhancing visual appeal of vanity.
  • It makes fireplace areas surrounding warm and inviting, suitable for both traditional and modern settings.
Maintenance of Tan Brown Granite

Tan Brown Granite requires little work to maintain both its aesthetic appeal and practicality. To keep it looking its best, regular cleaning with water and a mild detergent is typically sufficient. It may be customized to meet specific design requirements and preference especially due to its distinctive variations and colour options. Our tan brown granite price is competitive and the quality is something that will truly surpass your expectations. Get to know about our offerings in more detail.

Raj Hans Tiles : Leading Tan Brown Granite supplier in India

Raj Hans Tiles Pvt Ltd’s Tan Brown Granite stands out as a superior choice for elevating the visual appearance and functionality of residential and commercial spaces. Its rich brown colour, distinctive patterns and exceptional durability, offers a versatile solution for various uses such as flooring, vanity tops and fireplace. Raj Hans Tiles Pvt ltd stands out as a premium grade Tan Brown Granite manufacturer in India by a unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness by offering best Tan Brown Granite price. With a wide range of customization options to suit your unique designs and needs, clients can reply on Raj Hans Tiles Pvt Ltd.

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Cutting Method

  • Marble Manufacturer in chittorgarh Rough Cutting
  • Top Marble Dealers in ChittorgarhNatural Polish
  • Indian Marble Manufacturer from ChittorgarhLeather Polish
  • Indian Marble Manufacturer from ChittorgarhColour Epoxy
Why Choose Us?

Raj Hans Tiles Pvt. Ltd.is committed to satisfy its customers by meeting customer needs and services. The assurance and reliability offered with the product emphasizes on resolving all the tiles related issues promptly. Our affordable and innovative manufacturing processes highlight the cutting-edge solutions; we remain your trusted manufacturer in the tile industry.

TheTan Brown Granite price is set up at unique rate to let the potential customers know that we serve exactly what they need. Our sustainable and ethical business practices align with our company’s vision and its values.

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What are the main characteristics of Raj Hans Tiles Pvt Ltd.'s Tan Brown Granite?
Rich colour and earthy appearance
Greater durability
Highly versatile
Medium to coarse texture
High-quality natural stone
Polished for aesthetic and structure
Is Tan Brown Granite low maintenance?
Yes.Tan Brown Granite is easy to maintain. Regular rinsing with water and mild detergent is sufficient to maintain its appearance. It is also stain-proof which makes ideal choice for household and commercial uses.
Are Tan Brown Granite Prices Reasonably Priced?
Yes, Raj Hans Tiles Pvt Ltd’s Tan Brown Granite price is reasonable, making it an ideal choice for both commercial as well as residential applications.
Why is Tan Brown Granite a popular choice among designers?
Due to Tan Brown Granite’s versatile uses, sturdiness, and aesthetic appearance, it is favoured by individuals and designers. Its ability to bear heavy wear and tear without losing its appealing appearance makes it a popular choice for various design projects.