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Timeless and Elegant Pink Marble

Who Are We?

As a leading marble company, Raj Hans Tile Pvt Ltd aims to deliver premium quality natural stone solutions that elevate the beauty and functionality of spaces. With a strong foundation in the marble and tile industry and a prestigious commitment to quality, we are proud to be a trusted name in the market. Our vision to sell a preferred choice of natural stone products and services is available to people throughout the world. We aim to set new benchmarks and standards through our innovative and sustainable practices.

Apart from being a pink marble exporter in India, we are there to transform your spaces with the elegance and timelessness of marble. We cater to diverse design needs and inspire to be the best choice for our architects and designers. Our extensive range of products offers different types of products like floor tiles, outdoor marble and tiles, tiles and marbles for bathrooms and kitchen spaces. We embrace the opportunity to collaborate with different clients and expand our business in other dimensions.

About Pink Marble

Pink Marble is a type of natural stone that is prominently pink in color. It is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone and has undergone intense heat and pressure within the Earth’s crust. The various minerals available during the recrystallization process give the stone its distinct pink color. There are different and specific shades of marble that vary depending on the region and the mineral content within the stone. Here are some popular types of pink marble-

  • Rosa Portugal- It is a soft pink marble from Portugal with delicate veining and is often used for flooring purposes.
  • Pink Onyx- The features of this marble give striking colors of peach and a beautiful pink. It is used to decorate kitchen backsplashes and is used for backlight applications.
  • Rosa Valencia- It is quarried in Spain and has a deep pink color with a few white and grey coloring. It is used to design kitchen spaces and bathroom vanities and carries a luxurious look.
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  • Rosa Levante- It is a mix of light to medium pink tones with subtle veining effects, making it an elegant choice for designing the interiors of the private space.
  • Rosa Verona- This pink marble is an Italian marble with pink background and grey and white veining; it is used to decorate the walls and floors of hallways and pathways.

There are few pink marble exporters in India that value its natural beauty and offer it to clients at affordable prices. The unique coloration brings warmth and a sense of elegance to your traditional and contemporary spaces. Raj Hans is a leading pink marble manufacturer in India with a touch of exclusivity and luxury. The pink marble sold by Raj Hans is more unique and stylish than others.

Cutting Method

  • pink marble exporter in India Rough Cutting
  • pink marble manufacturer in IndiaNatural Polish

Why choose us?

Raj Hans follows a customer-centric approach and strives to exceed your expectations. The team of extensive designers offers a unique collection of tiles and marbles of all kinds.

We ensure to maintain environmental stewardship and follow sustainable practices while manufacturing tiles and marbles. We understand the importance of time and ensure to create efficient logistic and reliable delivery partners who deliver products on time.

If you are in search of the best pink marble manufacturer in India, connect with us today!