Rajhans Tiles brings to you the unique hues to your unique space with a wide array of options tailored to your needs. We are your one-source marble manufacturer in India offering a wide variety of marble, granite stones or other products superior in quality, durability and appearance. The key qualities and higher standards you expect from the top marble companies in India will be found at Rajhans Tiles which manufactures and supplies quality granite stones and marbles for different applications. We have a well-established procedure for every step that contributes to quality marble production. From extraction to finishing of stones or marbles, our experienced and skilled team makes sure to adhere to all guidelines so that we earn customer delight with each order. Rajhans Tiles offer comprehensive and custom marble and granite solutions to interior designers, construction companies, individual customers, architects, etc.


We are into sustainable mining practices. We make sure to source materials specific to textures, colour, pattern, etc. from various regions after conducting a thorough research on what marbles from different regions are known for. We have products for every preference, from pristine white to beige marble. Also, our product portfolio includes some vibrant varieties for you to explore multiple possibilities of design. Being one of the top-notch marble manufacturers in Rajasthan, we consider it our responsibility to make diverse options available to our customers as per their lifestyle, preference and the feel they need to incorporate into their personal space. Our focus, while curing our products and solutions, is not only creativity and beauty but also ensuring every stone or tile stands the test of time.


We also offer a wide range of granite varieties such as a captivating black galaxy granite, an exotic black Marquino granite, a beautiful crystal yellow granite, a divine imperial white granite, a sleek Nurelle grey granite, desert cream granite, blue dunes granite, along with other options. Explore our wide selection now. From classic to contemporary, we have granite stones and marble for every taste.

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What marble varieties are available at Rajhans Tiles?

We have the largest collection of quality marble and granite stones. We offer pink marble, green marble and white marble with each having different shades to cater to your preference. 

Why is marble the preferred material?

Firstly, marble looks absolutely gorgeous. It is a durable material too. It is resistant to shattering    and it perfectly reflects light. Besides, the best marble manufacturers in India offer quality products at affordable price, along with comprehensive and prompt customer support. Connect with our team now. 

Can I buy imported marbles from Rajhans Tiles?

Yes. We do provide imported marbles with variety in texture, design, colours, shapes, etc. They provide regal look. Their strength and durability are remarkable too. If you are in love with aesthetic look, and really want to make your space comfortable, buy imported marbles from the best marble supplier in India.