Alaska white granite

Who Are We?

Welcome to Raj Hans Tiles Pvt. Ltd., a leading tile company in India that brings a world of elegance and innovation to your spaces. We take pride in being a trusted provider of high-quality tiles and marbles that cater to diverse needs for commercial to residential projects. We offer an extensive range of materials and designs and manufacture marbles and tiles to suit every taste and style. Our vision is to revolutionize the tile industry in India by offering cutting-edge designs and personalized service. We aspire to be a go-to destination for Alaska white granite slab in India and aim to be a leading supplier of Alaska White Marble in Rajasthan and across the country.

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations by delivering superior quality tiles that combine with the aesthetic appeal of the place and meet international standards to enhance the functionality of every project we do.

How to find the perfect Alaska White Granite?

Finding the perfect Alaska White Granite for a project involves careful inspection and specific considerations according to the needs and preferences. Here is a stepwise guide to help you find the ideal Alaska White Granite

  • Begin with researching the characteristics, appearance, and application of the granite and look for pictures with installed granite to get an idea of how it will look. Learn about the qualities, industrial use, durability, and color variations available
  • Visit any local supplier, granite yards, or showrooms to see  Alaska White Granite Slab in India. It is crucial to physically inspect and truly know about the overall appearance and veining of the stone.
  • If you are visiting Raj Hans, do ask for samples or swatches that you can take home to see how the granite would complement your design and lighting space.
Alaska white granite slab in india

Cutting Method

  • Alaska white granite slab in india Rough Cutting
  • Alaska white granite slab in indiaNatural Polish
  • Consider your design and ensure that the Alaska White Granite has proper veining and patterns and would fit with the color scheme of your space. Assess the granite and choose the style that would align with your design preferences.
  • Evaluate the granite samples in different lighting conditions, in daylight, and in in-house lighting conditions to get the appropriate look. 
  • Consider the appropriate finished Alaska White Granite as each finish offers a distinct look and feel. 
  • Determine and plan your budget before choosing between buying Alaska White Marble in Rajasthan. The cost and vary based on the quality and finishes. 

After completing the inspection and taking the time to compare different options, you can find the perfect Alaska White Granite Slab in India only at Raj Hans Tiles Pvt. Ltd. 

Our sustainable and affordable tiles and marble solutions are perfect for your indoor and outdoor, residential or commercial spaces. We offer excellent customer service and aim to meet your requirements within due time.

We are there to enhance your space and meet your design expectations. Connect with our friendly team and schedule a visit to openly inspect and discover the new variety of products we have to offer.